Smashing Some Glass

When I’m not lounging around in Queens, I’m often in Brooklyn collaborating with one of my favorite people, Danny Behar, making weird, short videos to fight off boredom.

This video was inspired by a $2 glass from a thrift store. I directed and shot this video. Danny nailed it with the editing. If you don’t hire me, consider hiring him.


“Like Glass” – a short film

This summer in New York City, I had the wonderful experience of working on Like Glass, an exceptional short film that is currently in post-production.

I worked hard and quickly moved from PA to Project Manager, helping Producers with every aspect of behind the scenes work, including craft services, paperwork, talent wrangling, prop design, location managing, and equipment loading. My friends at Little Blondie Films and StoneStreet Cinema taught me so much about responsibility, and the enormous effort behind the hustle of getting a low budget film made.

Check out their fundraising page to see a trailer for the film. It’s worth your time.

“And All Points in Between” – 48 Hour Film Festival Winner


My friends and wonderful colleagues at Making Pretend Productions invited me to help them participate in the 2017 New Haven 48 Hour Film Project. We exhausted ourselves and our creativity to write, produce, and edit a film, all within 48 hours.

All Points In Between was the recipient of Best Film, Best Sound Design, Best Editing, and Best Directing. We were also nominated for Writing, Sound Design, Best Cast, and Best Actress.

Blue Wall: The Series

Blue Wall: The Series is an exciting upcoming story of a band of cops who go above the law, when a drug bust that goes horribly wrong comes back to haunt them in unimaginable ways.

I have had the privilege of working for director Sheila Simmons on this dynamic and challenging project. Roles include production assistant, project manager, and director’s assistant.