An Interview with Photojournalist Lorna Tychostup

For my Television Studio Production class, our assignment was to find and interviewer and subject to interview, then compose questions and organize all aspects of production for the three camera shoot. I directed the shoot, and though the quality of the video is poor due to it being recorded on a tape, then digitized, Ms. Tychostup is a fascinating person I was lucky to film.

Director, writer, producer, lighting designer, set designer, and editor.

A Divided Attentions production


St. Patrick’s Day – A Documentary

Created for my Field Production documentary assignment. We took a look at the way Generation Y celebrates St. Patrick’s Day, and how this affects Irish culture.

Producer, assistant director, and editor.

Reporting for NPCTV

In addition to working as assistant news director at NPCTV, I occasionally got in front of the camera to do both in studio and field reporting.

WFNP Open Mic

Mascot Madness

Eye On New Paltz

Eliot Chang at SUNY New Paltz

NPCTV and the Puppeteering Club Promos

I was asked to come up with a concept for a cross promotional video for the campus TV station and the New Paltz Puppeteering Club. These videos were written and shot in the style of Saturday Night Live’s promotional videos.

Writer, producer, director, and editor.

Part 1

Part 2

Lighting Recreation – Coubert’s The Desperate Man

This was an assignment for my Field Production class in which we were asked to recreate a painting, and told to specifically focus on mimicing the lighting to create an effective recreation.

Producer, assistant director, make up artist, lighting design, editor.

A Counter Productions video.

It’s On Us – SUNY New Paltz

SUNY New Paltz was asked to create a video for the It’s On Us national sexual assault prevention campaign. I assisted the production’s director with lighting design, camera work, and mainly worked the teleprompter for many takes.

Production assistant and script supervisor.

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